Thursday, September 16, 2010

wall stains.


i busted my left hand this morning. to be more specific, my last two knuckles. i was having this weird dream where a friend and i were fighting off these psychopaths trying to murder us. at some point, we were inside this big room with 2 doors, facing opposite each other, and there was one killer left. all of the other killers were holding hand held weapons, like knives, and sticks. we both had no idea which door the killer was going to be entering from so we were facing back to back i guess. somehow i knew the killer was going to go through my friends door, so i alerted him and we both ran towards one door. being that it is my dream, go figure. when the killer entered the door, he immediately went for my friends neck with a screwdriver, at which point my friend defended himself with his left hand. the screwdriver went through his hand, and that's where i was to slow to jump in. i then yanked his attacking hand away from my friend, the assailant still firmly grasping his weapon, and decided to proceed by giving him a hard punch to the face. the funny part was that my friend deflated, as if he was a blow up doll, and my hand hit my wall in real life. pretty hard i might say, the cut is sill there and i left a stain on my wall. that ends this dream as i woke to go wash my hand. weird how i remembered all this...

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  1. Hi Jone, I'm RSS'ed to your blog and Yeah!
    I'm happy to read the dream of of man as crazy-dreamer than I am.
    It's cool.
    I Like your drawing (sorry, I speak french, my english is what is it!) and your mind-world fits me.
    Psychotically yours.
    I'd like to know what you think of my work. I you got the time and don't make nightmares.